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Hey kennyd6, I too got my degree in CA quite recently from DCU (graduated last year) and, as Peter said above, I’m on my way to Abertay in September for their MSc course. Now from a DCU standpoint I can tell you one thing, unless you’ve done a good bit of C/C++ on your own, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. :)

DCU has, for the last number of years, focused almost entirely on Java and as a result you’ll have a stream of graduates coming out of the course ready to slot into one of the numerous companies in Ireland looking for developers. Unfortunately from the perspective of someone looking to break into the games industry, that leaves you pretty much out of luck.

Peter has, as usual however, given some pretty solid advice in his reply above. If it’s AAA games you want to get into, then forget about Java, you need to get yourself some decent C++ books and concentrate on that. Once you’re comfortable with the language then you should start building up a demo. This demo is usually to get you an interview/job with a company but in your case you’ll also be able to use it as a learning tool, to see what area of development you want to get into yourself.

Alternatively you can go the post-graduate route and apply for courses in the likes of Trinity, Abertay and Hull. These courses cover the fundamentals of games programming and do so from a practical standpoint. In the latter two courses anyway you’ll have hardly any exams but alot of projects so again, by the time you’ve finished you’ll have gotten a taste for each area of development and will hopefully have a thesis dedicated to that area which you can show off to potential employers.

Hopefully that’s slightly helpful for you but rest assured, either way the ball is firmly in your court. After four years in DCU you’ll have picked up some valuable knowledge in terms of OOAD and System Analysis and Design but now is the time to focus that knowledge into areas where employers in the industry are interested.