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depending on what type of interaction your looking for, you should definitely give Macromedia Director (A.K.A Shockwave Studio) a spin.

First of all there is full working versions available from Macromedia website (30-Day trial, and all they need is a serial to register after that point. ).

Then just export your models (includes support for key-frame animation) as a SHOCKWAVE w3D, and import it into Director.

It’s drag and drop stuff. there are loads of tutorials on the web, and the latest version even implements rigid bodies via HAVOK.

If you used Flash, Dreamweaver, or any of the Macromedia family you will find working with this stuff a piece of cake. And when your done, and your level and model is looking the way you want it, just export as shockwave.

I still have some notes/tutorials I prepared for teaching this stuff, lying around. If your interested or stuck, drop me a mail and I’ll send the stuff on to you.

Cool enough?