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Hi Kenny,

I had a quick look at the Ballyfermot course, and it does appear to be a general mix of game art, game design, game programming, and game production. Also, it is 2 years in duration(!).

As you already have an undergraduate qualification, (BSc), I’d recommend some form of graduate study, to build upon your existing programming knowledge.

Domestically, Trinity, and the Dublin gang are really pushing the envelope on game programming courses.


Dont want to be a spoiler but doesnt it remain to be seen the value of the Trinity course in terms of where the grads get jobs etc. In my opinion you can’t judge the course until you have some grads placed in game studios or the likes? On paper it does sound very good but jobs are the hard facts.

I know its likely a good portion will get game jobs but you can’t just say its pushing the envelope until the verdicts in. The other courses have however already put grads in jobs. I think the true value will be known in 6 months time when they have graduated.