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Retro Studios (Metroid Prime) have dedicated Vicon mo-cap facilities inhouse.

(thats the only reason I’ve heard of it :p)[/quote:781ceb62a2]

Many studios have their own mocap setups these days. EA have a huge one up in Vancouver and Sony have a pretty big one down in San Diego (size of a basketball court).

Vicon are probably the most popular for games and movies, but Motion Analysis is the other biggie and they are very popular for high precision stuff like medical applications. But they do games as well.

Right now we’re dealing with the data raw (because that’s what we do), but getting FilmBox/MotionBuilder for cleaning the data is something we might do if there were demand for the facility. The Floor space is limited though, so you won’t be doing a cavalry charge or anything, but might be useful to more modest captures. Usable floor space is probably 5m square.