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Nice one! Some feedback. Hope it doesn’t sound too negative because I really admire the work :)

The jump is weird and floaty. I can change direction mid jump

Too much stuff in the foreground \ the foreground stuff is too large.

Make the platforms\wooden boards twice as wide; its doesn’t seem to be a precision platform game (?)

When I got to the buzz saw it was a bit messy, camera probs; the foreground bush the spikes. etc..I couldn’t really see that well. After the saw I think I’m meant to pull out some boards to create a path back the way I came, but the platforms dont seem to want to move. I stopped there after click and pulling on objects like a madman.

Red lights on objects: at first I thought this was to show I could interact with objects, but the red lights are on lots of non interactive objects…confusing. Or I’m just stupid.