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Perforce for source control, because IMO its miles ahead of the competition. Got usual features of a SCM, branching, merging\diff etc.
The UI is intuitive, makes everything simple (built using QT I think), so its cross platform and a huge user install base. Therefore its pretty stable and regulaly updated. Only down side is I think is Perforce can be a bit pricey for small development teams. In terms of the games industry, a huge majority of studios use it, but outside a large amount do too. Theres actually a review on http://www.gamedev.net of the most recent version.

Cruise control for continuous builds. This program is awesome, really does what it says on the tin. As for lots of broken builds I’m not sure about that one. It usually breaks when a programmer has been careless;) But with installing all new programs theres a learning curve to get it working the way you want it and goes without saying dont integrate during a crunch period, although on the flip side it might help productivity, as your not afraid of getting latest, which is pretty unacceptable in my opinion. People should be afraid when checking in that they will break a build and therefore be very careful.
(Also you can should be able to get CC to rebuild all your assets via your tool pipeline, so artists can be blamed too for bust builds ;)).

Test Track Po for bug tracking. This program seems pretty stable. Petty intuitive UI and gets the job done.