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[Do’h, survey should read "Xbox + credit will ‘bring’ out creatives?"]

Great that there is interest. But don’t start yet as I want to get a feel for what people think about the idea of a competition first and then will need to supply a full design brief and let the social networks know the comp is running. Not quite there yet.

But since you ask overview is:
The design must be inline with the form and cartoon style of the character images which will be supplied. I will post similar images for other characters at a later date when comp is to start.

Image above is of one the characters that will need to be modelled & animated in 3D using any tools and as many polygons as you like.

It needs to be 3D as game needs the same animations of the character facing 4 different directions. (But if anyone really feels they can do that well in 2D then have at it).

The animations themselves will be. .

Pairing up with a texture artist or animator is encouraged if you feel your not strong in an area and vouchers for Game/GameStop will be assigned to lead person for you to split as you agree amongst yourselves (As can’t split an xbox very well).

As there are 4 characters and (Comp entry will require only 2 be done) winner may be approached to be paid do the other 2 or I may run a second comp for the other two.

IMPORTANT: Competition is NOT a go yet. And above is not a final rule set.