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Congrats on your first earnings :D
I registered as Sole trader about a year ago. Now I’m not a legal or accounting professional so the best thing would be get advice from one.

In the process of registering as Sole trader you can register a trading name.It was not necessary to register a business name with the CRO.

There are pros and cons though.

Sole trader
If you are making a game for ios you cannot use a trading name in the appstore.
You have to use your own name.

Legally you are personally liable if you get sued. unlikely as it may be.

Sole trader is not as complicated as registering a company. especially if it is only a small ammount of earnings for your first year.

Probably cost less in accounting fees. I think most people would recommend getting an accountant. :D

You can always register as a business later.When youre making the big bucks.

Thats how I generally understood it. But I’m learning as I go too.