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Now that games companies are getting so large and budgets so high surely we will hit a ceiling where games are just being thrown out to make ‘loads’a monnay’, and a drastic review of the way games are being produced will be needed because the gamers will get fedup of waiting for a diamond among the coal, resulting in a cull of what used to be or potentially would have been great companies. Should we now be taking a look at the future by maybe running virtual companies within dev companies, break down into small teams similar to the way in which game design competitions work and develop numerous ideas and designs simultaneously. True, the amount of money and work that would be able to go into a game would be a fraction of what could be spent, but there would be for example 10 new games from 10 teams. Instead of one game that took a hell of lot of time to produce that may just stagnate on the market.
I don’t know. By all means please shoot this down if tis a load of all bull.