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but can it continue to sustain itself like this, with companies breaking apart constantly just to able to create new games because the publishers have a strangle hold on IP and want to keep sqeezing it[/quote:497b081c97]
My opinion…yes.
Joe Public gets to see what marketing people want them to see and they are told that this is good. Joe Public doesn’t know any better and accepts this as fact and goes away happy with the latest franchise number 27 that adds an extra feature, a little bit better graphics and about half the game play as the orginal. Only a few companies have the cash the fight this…Lionhead take an age to release a game because they try to do it right. Its great to see, but not many companies have the cash and someone like Molyneux to stand up and say, we’re going to be 6 months late, don’t worry it’ll be fine and actually be listened to.