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i was looking at a few Tablet PCs – Fujitsu – Siemens to be precise – earlier, i like the idea of them i just have a feeling i’d break one, we actually got a few blast / bomb proof tablet pcs in work before xmas (i work for a mining company) but they are out of the hands of an ordinary joe (or anto) like me.

would you have any recommendations?

i have a Dell Inspiron that is kinda of getting on to it’s last legs really, 2 HD replacements in 3 years (the 2nd replacement being exceptionall painful as i lost a lot of game code and several gigs of hand picked mp3s!) and the wrist pads went all bendy so that the pointer goes mental on the screen if you put _any_ weight on laptop, i have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse now.

maybe a laptop surrounded in rubber like those “builder’s phones” would do the trick!