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TBH, if you’re wanting to splash some of your windfall on techy gear and you’re a PC gamer, you’d be better off grabbing a mid-range lappie (or a fairly high-range , second hand but with good pedigree) and go for a small-form-factor desktop (e.g. Shuttle-type), which will have a longer useful life because easier to upgrade.

I’ve used laptops for years, as a genuine need (re. the mobile aspect of the thing first and foremost, so battery life has always been the utmost consideration for me, not gfx ooomph – I’m a long-time addict of DELL with their ‘second modular batteries’, here ;) with about 5 hours for the D600 currently, which only takes 30-45 mins to fully recharge). Thinking back about it, I’ve actually had more lappies than I’ve had desktops which I’ve upgraded.

I’m a more recent ‘PC gamer’, however, having now left consoles behind for good. But one thing’s clear since then, which is that I’d rather spend not much on a good solid lappie that will last me a few years for my uses (word processing in tandem with speech-to-text app, so need decent CPU and bags of RAM, in addition to WiFi comms), and more on my gaming desktop, re. the gaming experience.

At the end of the day, FPS on a lappie with the touchpad/trackpoint really sucks compared to bona fide keyb/mouse :lol: