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Note the innumerable recipes available for potatoes :twisted:

Moreover, reverting to your analogy but placing it somewhat in a more appropriate context: “I enjoy food but from now on, I will not eat potatoes anymore” Don’t forget where it all started and keeps coming from, for previous and current-gen consoles (and where it will come from for future-gen consoles still), in terms of game genres (FPS, MMORPG, etc), technology (shaders, physics, per-pixel-fabulationism and whatnot), etc.

I have been very disappointed with consoles, of late. Not only due to the paucity of decent titles, but also due to the now-rampant (obligatory?) sequilitis and, generally, witnessing the business model which is increasingly but oh-so-surely choking genres and innovation in them, never mind ‘outside’ of them, bit by bit.

Put simply – I’m fed up of being ‘told’ by console publishers what I can play (on a particular hardware, let’s not forget exclusives either!), when can I play it and in what guise (e.g. ‘unmodded’) etc.

I’d much rather the freedom of PC where I can be playing BF2 one minute, a freeware Lunar Lander or Mame the next, the odd demo here and there… and actually enjoy other uses for my hardware investment, actually maybe even earn some money from it for the odd consulting job. Try doing voice-to-text dictation on an XBOX (360 or otherwise) :P

Call me grown up or disillusioned or whatever… I just don’t have the time to enjoy PS3, XB360, PC, DS, PSP etc. anymore – I chose the most versatile, is all :wink: (and, with regard to the current business model for console publishers, I voted with my wallet: no XB360 or PSP at lauch or second-hand, all my consoles gone save for the GC which my baby daughter loves, and paid the LFS developers direct -a pittance actually- for a superlative, superior driving sim that is light years ahead of anything on consoles)