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Indeed, Micheal McDowell was on the news around the time of the Manhunt media fiasco and he went some ways to explaining the situation. While ratings on movies are legally binding video games fall outside of that catagory, hence all that is left with is the ELSPA rating which, as you already know, is voluntary and not legally binding. Measures are currently been taken to rectify this I believe.

Some retailers however, have a policy of not selling unsuitable games to minors. I’ve seen it happen before and the reason they give is usually that “its against the law”. However, of more serious concern was the time I heard an employee of one of the major retailers say to a youngish person, “I’m not allowed to sell it to you, but if you get one of your parents to buy it for you then thats grand”, and what was the game? Grand Theft Auto: Vice City… :roll: