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How about adding a scripting language as well, like python or lua to enable the addition of extraneous functions without having to go back into the core code.[/quote:8b2ca6aa5e]

That would be the best way to go, but I think it is a little bit too much for me to develop right now. But still a good idea.

For ease of asset creation, you could try pinning the shader values to virtual textures, which could be applied to the object using a stand-in bitmap in the modelling programme.
The UVW coordinates of the virtual textures then define what part of the object is to be shaded. [/quote:8b2ca6aa5e]

Hmm.. Interesting, that could work for using multiple shaders.
Im going to try that one as soon as I am done with the animationsystem :)

But how do I practically run several shaders on a single object, is it just as simple as adding a additional iPass in the shader render function?