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Good for a giggle…Laughing[/quote:b26708efac]

I don’t understand whats humourous about that… unless it’s a hoax or some such?

As the article stands, it could be a pretty scary precedent.
“”The sentence we’ll seek depends on whether he was accessing the Internet for basic personal use, or using it for pecuniary gain”

I think that they would actually seek a sentence at all if he was using the net for personal could be a dangerous precedent.

Sure, someone that accesses your data, or steals your identity, I understand prosecuting someone for that.

But for using your wireless access point?
Isn’t that like doing someone for routing packets across your network? (Isn’t that exactly what they guy was doing?)

Like, I have no idea where the packets that get routed to gd.ie from my computer go with this post.
Most people have no idea where the data the send gets routed through. If the packets cross a router that someone has connected, but doesn’t want them to access, should the person get taken in on a felony?

Where would the difference be, in both cases? Both open networks, advertising to route your packets to other computers on the internet…