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Him being caught the way he was, was what I found humourous. Neither what he was doing nor the sentence he may get is, obviously…

Wireless networks are becoming more prevalent with the spread of broadband Internet access, and many consumers are not aware of how to configure their networks to avoid unauthorized access.[/quote:beeaa99d5f]
In that case people shouldn’t be in a position to take legal action if someone accesses their network accidently… Malicious or intentional use is another matter but I don’t see it becoming a major issue. Bottom line is, if you don’t want people accessing YOUR wireless network then take the appropriate measures. If someone bypasses this maliciously then you should be entitled to tackle them on the issue.

Basically I think its like trespassing on private property, if theres a sign clearly there stating this fact people a) won’t go in and b) if they do, they have no excuse if caught. However if there’s no sign there at all or its not clearly visible then the person can say he didn’t know he was on private property, whether he did or not is not the issue, the warning wasn’t made available to him so he won’t be held accountable.