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It is my dream to take that job and be the good guy
how will i achieve this. I have no idea…yet.[/quote:dfd756e65a]
Focus on person management and project management rather than business management.
1. Get an actual project management qualification (such as PRINCE2) so you know what the PM part of the job is about.
2. Study person management – how to motivate people, how to read people.
3. Study Star Trek and preferably learn Klingon (useful when dealing with programmers).

There are two main causes of friction between Producers and the rest of the dev team.
1. Many Producers have no actual formal training in either person management or project management. In addition many publishers and developers don’t have well structured development processes.
2. Many development staff have never worked outside of the creative industries. They haven’t been exposed to the need to self manage or be managed and so dislike it. They want to do the fun staff even when the project is being held up because the dull stuff hasn’t been done.