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having attended LYIT, UU Magee, and NWIFHE, I don’t ever recalling being briefed (formally) that any works submitted were copyright of the college.

Nor do I recall every signing away my creative rights.

I’m beginning to think its all bluff, but would still like to hear from anyone formally involved in Patents/Copyright/IP.

Also, I take the argument above, whereby if I’m working for Sony (Some day, lads, Some day…) and I come up with a character whilst on their clock, they own the rights. Fair Enough. They are paying me to think stuff up.

However, at college, I, the student am paying lectures to teach me, so I don’t see how that argument could transpose onto the college argument.

I think I’ll give the department of edu a ring on Monday. might get some answers there…

Thanks to all who replied.