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If you think the situation *might* turn ugly about this topic in your particular case, don’t talk your tutor (just yet).

Get a copy of the enrolment form (or any Uni form) you signed, full copy (front and back in case there’s T&C in font size 0.5 at the back, you know what I mean) from the Uni records’ office (although I don’t know if you have a right to this) and then check the small print for any clause pertaining to IP. If you have the means and the time, get counsel to run through these for you.

As Obscure stated, it is likely that the forms do include an assignment clause, which would give the University title to anything you produce in the context of Uni work/course work. In research-heavy disciplines (e.g. biotech), this is often implemented so that the Uni can ‘sell’ the research results (with full title to it) to private companies against $$$ from those to fund the research in the first place.

Once you have full knowledge of the extent of the assignment clause (i.e. just course work, or also for example ‘semi-related’ mod development in your free time, that may have something to do with your course-work AI algo), then approach your tutor informally. You should know that no assignment clause purporting to assign ‘future’ IP (that you will eventually create during the course) can ever be enforced – the clause only ever applies to the IP you have created once it exists.