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Thanks lads, I’m really enjoying seeing this debate thrashed out, or at least some light shed on this grey-area.

With respect to “Omen’s” argument about the college claiming that a college/uni would claim that the works in question were created using their resources, and the skills taught by their lecturers, I would in turn say back that

I have paid fees to attend college. I, and other students like me, have paid for the resources that we use. So I don’t see that as being a fair argument (by the college, not by Omen).

And as for a lecturer proposing that (s)he has rights to a students works because they taught the students the underlying skillset, I think thats just plain loco. My (and other students) pay the teachers salary via Tax. They get paid during the summer, when the classrooms are empty, etc., so they can’t seriously hope to swindle a further bursary from students works.

To give more detail relating to my works in question, it was part of an MSc. but I never received any research funding or bursary, so I don’t see how the Uni would claim that a large MNC has the rights to my research findings, as they never gave ME a dime. Nor did the college. (I think my project manager bought me a cup of tea once…do ya’s think that could be considered project sponsorship…;)

And in all the years of college I have amassed, I have never been briefed, formally or otherwise, about the rights, patents, IP of works.

Looking forward to hearing more from ya’s…