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I have paid fees to attend college. I, and other students like me, have paid for the resources that we use. So I don’t see that as being a fair argument (by the college, not by Omen).
And yet, you haven’t paid for any of the software licences or hardware that you are using. You have paid to use their resources to do projects to be submitted to the uni. You have NOT paid to use their resources for your own means, and that is exactly what you are talking about doing. Using the university’s licence of Visual Studio, Photoshop, etc.. to develop YOUR work. They own the licence, they own the work. Anything bad that comes out of the work, its their licence. You see my point.

And in all the years of college I have amassed, I have never been briefed, formally or otherwise, about the rights, patents, IP of works. [/quote:daa4b49cb8]
And I bet if you went and quoted that arguement, they’d be very quick to point you to the documents that are freely available that detail the exact definitions of what you do and don’t own from uni work. Rather than wonder about it, its just safest to ask someone in a position who knows and find out now.