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That really doesn’t sound right to me.
afaik, employers don’t own the work performed by an employee outside their working hours unless there is an explicit contract.[/quote:8cd0ae0ea4]more often than not they do, at least in my experience – especially if it’s in the same area as they’re core business, i.e. if you develop a game/game-related tech in your spare time.Some are more explicit than others in the wording.

While I admit it can seem a bit heavy-handed (particularly if you’re ‘hobby’ is similar to your job) you can also understand companies wanting to prevent their own employees and directors from directly competing with them, especially from using company resources (equip., assets, code, time, colleagues, even contacts) to do so. And its generally the ‘core business’ non-compete principle thats at stake here (can’t speak to Unis). More often than not, if your project has a non-core business objective, than more often than not you’d be fine. But you should get it in writing beforehand.

Have also seen co directors get exemptions/re-wordings to these sections of their contracts

I’ve yet to see an employer get heavy with an employee over same, but then I haven’t seen anyone try to commercialise their idea…