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Could you explain on what grounds the employer would assert claim to what an employee does outside work, if it isn’t in the employee’s contact that they can?[/quote:a2a757fe61]

I did already in the post above, i.e. non-competition within the company’s core sphere of operation, and/or preventing a director (for example) working against the company’s best interests. For example, let’s say your company makes middleware, and while doing a nixer one of your employees/company directors had to use a competing middleware product. It may be construed as reflecting negatively on your and your product

I would therefore assume that unless the rights for what you create outside work is explicitly assigned to the employer, the employer doesn’t own what you do outside work

But as far as I know, without that clause, the employer doesn’t own what you do outside work[/quote:a2a757fe61]I’d agree with you, but always best to check. As the saying goes: Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups

If you can cite something saying otherwise, I would be very interested to see it.[/quote:a2a757fe61]I can’t offhand, but I have come across it in Ireland in the past

Yeah, absolutely, I do understand it, I’ve been on both sides of the fence on this one. But like all rules/laws, you have to balance the rights of the individual (employee) and the group (company).[/quote:a2a757fe61]agreed

I’ve seen contracts that abuse the more privilaged position of the company to enforce super-restrictive contracts on potential employees.[/quote:a2a757fe61]I haven’t to be honest, but that’s just my experience. Usually, it’s not that companies are setting out to abuse power/overly restrict employees – more that they are simply trying to protect their property, goodwill, etc. and to do this they apply blanket policies. That’s not to say they wouldn’t be open to making exceptions, etc. if asked to do so

The only contractual clause that bother me regularly is the ‘non-compete’ clause for when you leave the company. Apart from beinf difficult if not impossible to enforce, it just irks me from an ethical standpoint