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Havok Steve is the man who’d surely know…[/quote:120f1ad1b4]

I cannot give you a definitive authorative response on this – but it is my understanding that all undergraduate student work is their own copyright and IP, regardless of where/how is was developed. At least in my experience that is how it is treated.

For postgraduate students the situation is often different due to the specifics of their funding. In most cases it is safe to assume that the Uni owns the IP – even where funding comes from the govt. etc. most of these grants have an explicit IP assignment to the University.

I have seen many examples where a student’s final year work was in collaboration with a company e.g. doing specific work for that company and then submitting this as a thesis (in particular for night course students). This is encouraged by the Universities and I’ve never heard of any additional legal treatment necessary to ensure that IP ownership faciliates this.

I will try to find out more on this…

[edit: BTW this refers really only to TCD – I’m not sure about other Unis, and as always check first with your Uni/supervisor etc.]