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And yet, you haven’t paid for any of the software licences or hardware that you are using. You have paid to use their resources to do projects to be submitted to the uni. You have NOT paid to use their resources for your own means, and that is exactly what you are talking about doing. Using the university’s licence of Visual Studio, Photoshop, etc.. to develop YOUR work. They own the licence, they own the work. Anything bad that comes out of the work, its their licence. You see my point.

I paid fees. I pay tax. All of which puts those resources (hardware & software) into Colleges/Uni’s. My college was built by the taxpayer for the taxpayer.

Ya know the way the U.S. Military uses the taxpayers money for R&D? And after a while, some projects can be de-classified and put into the public domain (in similiar fashion to the way the web was born), I think this may be a stronger argument.

I don’t know about the rest of the forum members, but I didn’t study at a private college/uni.

What do you think of this perspective? Am I just wishful thinking?

(And yes, I have emailed LYIT, & UU Magee Student Unions about this matter, and they haven’t replied yet…)