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You seem to be mistaking fair with legal. If your arrangement with the college stipulates that they are the legal owners of any property you develop, they own it, and if it doesnt, then you will retain ownership of it. Your personal opinions of the way it should be are irrelevant.

Well I’m not going to get caught up into a debate about the degrees of “fairness” and whether democracy itself works or not….

However, if a law is perceived by a group of individuals [students, in this instance] to be totally taking the p*ss, then it should be brought to the attention of the people who could lobby to amend it. (Union of Students of Ireland [whom I’ve emailed about this matter also, no reply…]).

Maybe I’m being too idealistic about this?

And Skyclad, I’ve been digging out every piece of paper I signed at LYIT & UU Magee, and the only legal documents that I have are Acceptable Usage Policy of College Email (No Porn, Offensive Content, etc.) Cheers for that tip though…