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Its your call, but the college owns the rights, you use their PC’s their Network, Their Resources, Their Professional Guidance, and most importantly Their Seal of Approval. When all is done they are more than entitled to recoup those expenses anyway they can. I know most colleges wont go after your project, but certain ones will.. is your college one of these?[/quote:47aece83bc]

I hate to keep coming back to the same point, but where-oh-where did my fees/tax go? UU Magee cleaned me for near 3,000 euro in fees, for my MSc.

So although I used their hardware and software to develop prototypes, Id didn’t get to take their 3DS MAX licenses and Pentium 4’s home with me when I finished.

So why can’t it be like an amicable divorce, they get to keep their stuff, and I get to keep mine.

Of course they can visit my thesis/prototypes on weekends… :D