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I’ve heard from peter_b that Derek Bridge is a fantastic lecturer alright.

Project sounds nice, Neural Nets with GA should be interesting. Are you using libraries or writing it all yourself? There are plenty of libraries out there for both as you probably know[/quote:3a44769469]

I’ll be writing it all myself, the project is for my Artificial Life module and GAs and ANNs were topics we covered (fuzzy logic wasn’t unfortunlately) so in order to write my report on the project it’s easier to have coded them – well easier because i need to fill up 3500 words of a report! :lol:

Have been using Buckland’s book right enough, tis a decent book for GA especially[/quote:3a44769469]

I know the book you’re talking about, “AI Techniques for Game Programming” i think it is. The one i’m trying to get through covers Game AI but not GAs etc…or at least not as far as i’ve read anyhow! :)

Anyway best of luck with the project,where is the course?Assume its not a games AI course??[/quote:3a44769469]

Thanks! I’m in the University Of Sussex doing an MSc in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems (pretty much anti-GOFAI basically). It’s a very interesting course but there’s not as much hands-on stuff as I thought there would be, we had one robotics lab and a few programming assignments during the term but nothing too serious (i think i’m too much of an engineer!)

Here are links to the overall blurb:


and the syllabus: