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Java3D relies on Open3D or Direct X so graphic speed is virtually independent of the speed of Java. [/quote:f53bef7d7c]

Writing a game is far more than simply OpenGL or DirectX, AI springs to mind immediately. The main benefit of java (interoperability) is also lost if you choose to use DirectX. Given that dX is written using lower level languages to begin with, you are likely to need to have C/assembly engine programmers anyway, it doesnt really make sense to have additional programmers in a different language on the team too without a very good reason.

I’ve also heard the argument that java *can* be as fast as C, and it is possible that this is true for certain cases, but in general if you are running a virtual machine layer it is an unwanted overhead that cutting edge games can’t really afford.

Any information from game developers as to why they don’t use Java 3D would be appreciated.[/quote:f53bef7d7c]
Some of the mobile developers might fancy a comment on this with regards to mobile games in the next few years?