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java = slow[/quote:3a89f21312]

This claim comes with almost no evidence. Jacob Marner did the only serious test (2002). Marner carried out comparative performance tests on OpenGL and Java 3D versions of the same 3D noninteractive space of randomly positioned, scaled and rotated boxes. He used the C++ and GL4Java bindings for OpenGL, and used Version 1.3.0 beta 1 of Java 3D. His master’s thesis, Evaluating Java for Game Development, can be obtained from http://www.rolemaker.dk/articles/evaljava/.[/quote:3a89f21312]

Java3D relies on Open3D or Direct X so graphic speed is virtually independent of the speed of Java.
Thats B.S. mate you better do alot more research there. You got java and its vm, then you got jni calls to get at opengl and d3d. So instead of direct calls to the libs you’ve got 2 levels of indirection. therefore its gonna be slow as fuck.

Typically java isnt used because theres better libraries out their than java3d.

Also a ps3 or 360 doesnt have a virtual machine so you couldnt get the thing to run. Well actually you could prob hack a ps3, get linux onto the thing then run java 3d, but that aint exactly ideal.