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Thanks, a lot of that was real helpful.

By professional I meant commercial. Apart from Law & Order II all the games created in Java 3D that I’ve discovered have been independent. I’ve heard of some online project called RoboForge that I haven’t gotten around to looking at. As for console support, I know that neither the PS2, XBox or GameCube support Java 3D, although I currently have no information on the next generation consoles (I imagine it’s the same story) or hand helds. I’ve been informed that because of the Wii’s virtual console feature it should have some compatibility but I’m positive this is speculation on my friends part.

This is my degree project so I have another couple of months to work on it. I’m currently looking for documentation or research papers to reference for my first draft and before I start on the actual application (which will hopefully be just after Xmas) Most papers I’ve found so far are more interested in creating a Java games engine rather than using the Java 3D implementation.
In the end I want to show that despite the fact Java 3D has been used for games successfully, it’s avoided . All the information so far has been great and I’m grateful for any other information people could provide.