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Jamie Mc

there are company formations agencies who can set up all the paperwork for a fairly modest fee, but remember incorporating means you need two directors, and also share capital (usually 100 will do), and you will then be legally liable for the debts of your company later on.

http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/employment/types_of_employment/self_employment/setting_up_a_business_in_ireland.html has a lot of information too


So at some point during the year we’re going to need to incorporate, especially since I don’t fancy putting my personal ass on the line when we get to the stage where people might get suey.[/quote:32fbb50e13]

This is where being a limited liability company is important, as it’s seen as a seperate legal entity than you, but you still have directors responsibilities, and outsourcing this is a good option so you can focus. but you just do it through revenue online, and as long as you do it in time you shouldn’t have a problem. I’d also suggest getting some accounting software like sage or quickbooks which will help you keep on top of accounts, payroll, what you’ll need to put aside for taxes etc.