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If you are a small studio with 0 income, raise some money by getting the team to do a few small web design/database or work for hire projects for a month or two and then use that to fund the work on a game for a month or two.

I know a few people who are using this model right now to bootstrap things.[/quote:8846263e17]

Yeah, it’s a handy thing to say when you’ve got that sort of background, but the majority of our team don’t.
We’re already stretched timewise doing part-time jobs to fund living (the usual pains such as rent and food.) I’ve spent the last six months doing just that sort of web dev contract work, and while I was able to scrape by on it, it didn’t generate enough extra to invest in a company. Plus I’m still chasing down clients for my money.
It kind of seems counter-productive to work for two months before dedicating two months to the game, where at the moment we’re giving three days a week to the game. Much of a muchness, except taking two months off means an end to blog updates and progress publicity.