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Nintendo aren’t going the way of Sega anytime soon. They make a bucketload of money on their consoles and the exclusive content they create for them. Much more than Microsoft do, and they won’t be pulling out of the console hardware business anytime soon.[/quote:0649803bb8]

i think you’ll find if you look at sales on gamecube and the number of publishers who have announced games for rev will contradict this. They made alot off gba,ds but not gamecube. last time i checked gamespot there was like 4 titles annouced and they were all remakes. Also nintendo arent even trying to compete with next gen rivals, rev is a glorified gamecube with a few bits tacked on lets face it. Fair enough its got a fancy wand to go with it, 95% of games wont use it. Time will tell but i reckon they will be a publisher developer next time round, no hardware..

(as for exclusive content mario X isnt going to keep the checks rolling in though)