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Obviously these parents, having been both addicted to games and hard drugs in their lifetimes and in a far better position to comment than any of us. Let us, briefly try to understand where they are coming from:

– If you get addicted to games, you are likely to obtain a gun and go on a killing spree. Compare this to cocaine addiction, where a small number of people resort to armed robbery to feed their habit, but dont deliberately go out to kill people.

– Playing games is an inherently antisocial activity, with people sitting in dark rooms with no interest in meeting other people. On the other hand, drugs are a social activity, one only has to look at the number of potential friends you can make while attending a rave as one example.

– Medical problems associated with games are often uncurable. Take for example the famed ‘Nintendonitis’ or other stress related disorders – these are very hard to cure without recovering from the addiction itself. In contrast, there are a number of well documented clinical treatments for abscesses, dental degradation and other related problems.

– In many cases with drugs, the addiction is physical and can be cured by avoiding the substance in question. Games create a mental addiction, which by contrast will remain even when the trigger is removed. It is commonly known that recovering from a physical addiction is far easier than a mental one.

Naturally, since it has been shown quite clearly that games constitute a far more severe threat to the human race than any of the so called ‘controlled substances’, they should be banned and the appropriate measures taken against those who provide them. I propose that game developers are subject to the same criminal penalties as those found trafficking common drugs (up to 20 years for class A drugs or mature titles, 14 years for class B drugs and 15s rated titles and up to 5 years for class C drugs and general audience titles, with harsher penalties for those which may lead users to experiment with higher rated titles in the future).