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Ok guys i do agree with both of ya. Ireland really needs a good d based design course soley for people that want to enter into that field alone especially with the talent the lectures ahve in Ballyfermot. Uunfortunatley they dont and you have to go to engalnd for that. which is not fun as it costs a small fortune to pay for accomadation and the fees for each yeah. With doin 2 years in Ireland you still have to go to england and do a further 2 years to get a degree where as if ya did that originally you only have to do 3 years. this is because the course that is run in ballyfermot is such an extensive one that covers alot of differnt areas. One thing it could do with adding is some practical drawing and design classes that could be run in sequence withthe annimation course that is there, as all the best designers out there are able to draw as well even just a little bit. If the storyboard class that they run in the first year was more based on how to put a storyboard together instead of it looking arty-farty that would also be better.

Oh any one last thing

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