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Arty-farty? Explain please.

I always thought the idea was to teach you how to communicate quickly and clearly to a team using a whiteboard, rather than reveal your naked soul to the world. Given that 50% of a typical class confess to being unable to draw on day 1 (and we don’t expect anyone to be a photorealistic pencil artist), it has meant coming up with ways to communicate visually that can be taught to non-artists, such as following an orthographic grid to draw 3D objects.

Anyhow, I think what you’re looking for (a drawing course) is not possible at the same time as you do the HND course, which is pretty packed for modules as it is. There is a 1-year FETAC course which feeds into the Animation HND that just teaches drawing skills. If you’re just looking for skills, it’s a good thing to do after the HND. If you’re eager to appear qualified, try NCAD for a B.A., though I don’t know what faculty would be best if you’re walking in with a HND in game design.

Actually, if you have an aptitude for drawing, but haven’t been trained, Trinity have always run a pay-at-the-door life-drawing night class, but I’m not sure when it runs. It’s probably the best bet if you just want to refine drawing skills with no, er, arty-farty bullshit.