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Its not necessarily 2 years further for a degree….

UK universities (at least the ones I spoke to) consider the quality of your work as well as the level of qualification. I finished in Ballyfermot last year and was looking to go to the uk for further education.

Going to Dare didn’t factor into it as this was all taking place before the application process had begun.

Southbank were willing to take me into 3rd year, and only refused me entry into 4th year because much of 4th year in their games course comes directly out of the 3rd year integrated project.

Brunel Univeristy however offered me a place in their masters program. Which I took, and have now completed (dissertation due in september). And that door is still open to Ballyfermot students, and I presume others.

So yes, I would have had to do 2 years for a degree, but had I known of southbank’s requirements I could have steered my projects to meet their requirements for 4th year entry. But the alternative of a single intensive year to get a masters degree does exist.

Following Dare I spoke to the staff at Abertay, and they are interested in applications from Ballyfermot students.

As for the content of CGHND at Ballyfermot it offers a broad base with room to specialise and I couldn’t be happier with it (hindsight is 20/20, the stress of assignments can cloud just how excellent that course is).

And though I can’t go into specifics, its the base provided by Ballyfermot, combined with the title of a degree that has put me where I am. Which is one day after my lectures have finished here in Brunel I have a foot in the door.

@Gortmore I think I was of the same opinion as you regarding the storyboard class, but I think you took a very different class to the one I took. And regards the expense of studying abroad I’ve found it tough, but very much worth it. Especially as I now have at least 2 very different aproaches to games education under my belt.

@Shane If you want to pop me a mail or PM I’d be glad to answer any question/expand on opinions for you.

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