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I was in the same class as parrotbait at Abertay this year and while he makes some good points I think he’s probably been a little bit harsh overall.

From my point of view, the core of the course were the PS2 and DirectX modules, and in both cases I found the lecturers to be more helpful than any lecturer I had in my entire undergrad course at DCU, and for that alone the course was worth it. I learned a huge amount about directx programming, and also about programming for the PS2 which may be a little outdated but it was valuable experience at working with low level code and I’m sure will be useful for working with other consoles in future. I am far more confident working with C++ and certainly working with 3D graphics, much more than I learnt in 2 modules of graphics programming in final year of my undergrad course.

The peripheral courses weren’t quite so accomplished, but there was only one that I had major issues with and the university has been very clear that it will be fixed next year, we got caught by the fact that the lecturer in charge of the course left the university which really left us working on our own as his replacement was simply inadequate.

I found I learned a lot about how games are coded and I have a portfolio I’m quite happy with after a year of work. The course has a great reputation amongst games companies I’ve spoken to and I think the contacts I’ve made in Dundee will be every bit as valuable as what I actually learnt.