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Since you seem to have so much free time on your hands, kindly compare (for my benefit and the personal edification of all who peruses these virtual corridors) emissions by (i) a Dublin bus for 40 minutes in urban traffic, with emissions (ii) by a power plant to generate enough power to recharge my 48V (4x12V) batteries.[/quote:8bdb2c30b8]

well I’m not going to do the exact mathematical Joules approach but let’s just say that not all the energy which goes into making electricity is converted completely, some is lost, and therefore is not an efficient use of fossil fuels. it’s just like the bible, life contradicts itself in so many ways. but it’s the thought that counts. just keep in mind when you vote next since or electricity company (ESB) is wholly state owned. but yeah, you’re greener by comparison to a bus. I congradulate you.:D

oh yeah and i stay at home most of the time to cut down on emissions. lol….if only it wasn’t because I’m lazy.

on a related green topic
Edna Kenny (FG), when approached by a fellow green student on the subject of biofuel, stated that he’d introduce biofuel into public transport.

the logic behind biofuel is that it produces less carbon emmissions because the rapeseed oil plant on which it is based would in its lifetime carbon neutralise a portion of the emmions it produces in combustion.

(must stop the green party madness! I’m not here to canvas but it was slightly on topic second and last time I promise. unless it’s on topic.)