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Waah. You guys dont sell enough PC Games!
Waah. PC World is too expensive.
Waah. Why is life so hard!

Well I assume there is a market for PC games and you used to sell a lot more.

Yea this goes back to my previous ‘Waah’ point….[/quote:d6026004d1]

There were no notices saying PSP’s out of stock, most other places at least did that, so I don’t consider it stupid that I assumed you might actually have one or two in stock.

Are you a moron?!
Do you even play games?!

I’m not even prepared to dignify that with an answer.

I dont mind if you got it wrong, but to defend yourself with a ‘its the shops fault im retarded!” attitude just makes me hate you.

Please elaborate on this point., I never said that. I don’t see why shops should display products that they can’t actually sell, doesn’t make sense. Thats reason not stupidity.