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Did you have to get a D.U.N.S. number? Seems to be a requirement for the App Store (though I’d be happy to hear otherwise) and the D.U.N.S. number is for separate legal entities. Not sure if a partnership is a separate legal entity. We’ve registered the business name as a partnership but the D.U.N.S. is still a no-go AFAIK.[/quote:a63ca95571]

The DUNS number requires company registration via the CRO.
It takes about 5 working days AFTER you have completed company registration. I would apply via Apple’s online form if you are as it works far better than the one of the D&B website.

Apple will allow you to convert from a sole developer account to a company one once you have a DUNS number. It requires contacting their support and can take a few days but I have seen it written on the internet that it is possible.

With regards to company registration, I would suggest you do things properly from the start. I ignored some advice early on about this and am already regretting it.
You should have a clear shareholders agreement in place and a list of the hats people have to wear. Also unless you are registering for Tax (i.e. are buying or selling stuff today) you can do it yourself via ROS using the TR2 form.
For VAT you will need an accountant, but it can wait until just before you start trading.
As for the GamesSpace, fair play and good luck. I would imagine that there is some competition for spaces in there right now. If you will be looking for potential investment then service contracts are not the way to go. Investors (as hard as they are to find for Games content companies) will want you to focus on the products you own, not someone elses.

If you are just using them as a means to an end then there has already been some great advice, but I would also suggest that if you are not already familiar with it, you should maybe get some Project Management training (free online or paid if you can afford it). There are a few basic PM skills that people often forget (have even seen some very experienced PM’s neglect to follow them) that will make your life easier.
One of the better ones is making sure your clients sign a Project plan for the project which states the milestones clearly and the feedback loop structure. So much time gets lost by the back and forth of feedback so if you lock down the process early on it will help.

Best of luck to you.
If you require company set up there are a number of them online, but I would refer you to the ones that helped us: