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i used to think they were decent for at least giving driver 3 a crap score (3 i think) when other magazines rated it highly (through their teeth/arses), but recently i heard that edge always slated reflections games since reflections pulled an exclusive cover from edge when offered one on official playstation or similar many years ago.[/quote:b56b916f01]
This strikes me as urban myth.

For a magazine that prides itself on being independent, untouchable and transparent, I couldn’t see them being so juvenile, petty and vengeful.

As has been mentioned, staff change regularly, so you’d either need a long-standing company mandate (‘Always slate Reflections games’), or a draconian editor willing to supercede her staffs reviews.

Much more likely explanation is that is was a shit game.[/quote:b56b916f01]it may well be, but it’s an urban myth that’s believed by at least some of reflections’ staff and former staff… and if they did rate the last driver game reasonably highly then it’s at the very least exaggerated (or an about-face explained by a complete change of editorial staff).