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I work part time in Gamestop in Waterford, and i put my hand up, unless its a 7 year olf looking for a copy on San Andreas, i usually wave the whole age thing. I remember being refused Mortal Kombat when i was a kid, and hate to be ‘that bastard’.

But if theres one thing ive learned from working in games retail, its that parents use games as a ‘leave me alone’ tool. Anything to get away from their kids, for a quick fag.

The sheer volume of people who, when i do say:
“This is an 18s game….”

reply with:
“Ah sure, its nothing they havent seen on the streets!”
is astonishing.

Either the level of street crime, prostitution and drive by’s, has risen dramatically without me noticing, or these parents are a discrace.

Easy Scapegoat.
Lazy Journalists.