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I work part time in Gamestop in Waterford[/quote:53566cc75b]

^This guy should be shot!

The whining kids in that crappy store really put me off going in there. Then again I’m probably annoying guy who ask you all the stupid questions. Why did you stop stocking decent PC games? And whats the deal with putting stuff on display you don’t even have in stock?!?!??!! Like PSP’s etc.

“Ah sure, its nothing they havent seen on the streets!”
is astonishing.

I suppose Waterford did have the most murders per population last year. Are the kids still burning out shopping trolleys in Lisduggan and stealing Cornish Pasties (No Joke!!) from WIT students?

Anyway I have great fun winding up my little brother by asking my parents if he can play a 15’s or 18’s game because I know they’ll say no.