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God i think you are one of those annoying people. Its just a case of “If you worked in a shop, youd understand”.

Why did you stop stocking decent PC games?[/quote:331de9cde8]
Because people dont buy decent PC Games. I tell people not to buy Leisure Suit Larry, and pick up Age of Empires, or Football Manager, but noooo.
PC World is out the road selling them stos top whining.

And whats the deal with putting stuff on display you don’t even have in stock?!?!??![/quote:331de9cde8]

First of all, if u came in looking for a PSP a month before christmass, you should have known (its a Sony trait) that they wouldnt be around. It was mentioned enough in every newspaper in the country. But low and behold we got about 200+ of them 2 weeks before christmass, when people stopped asking for them. We leave the ‘display boxes’ out to advertise the product. We can hardly be expected to rearrange the shop just because we sold out that day. Its by far the best retail chain ive worked with so far, and if u knew wot some of the shops do to get sales, youd be thankfull you didnt have a GAME or Electronics Boutique in Waterford.


I suppose Waterford did have the most murders per population last year[/quote:331de9cde8]
Yup. But i wouldnt live anywhere else. It has a fantastic heritage of arts, we hold ireland largest street carnival “Spraoi” annualls, and the tall ships festival last year, and its a great place to raise your kids, as long as you dont live in a councill estate (which can be said about anywhere).

Are the kids still burning out shopping trolleys in Lisduggan and stealing Cornish Pasties (No Joke!!) from WIT students?[/quote:331de9cde8]
Its nothing in comparison to how the majority of country bumpkin WIT students carry themselves around the city every night after a few drinks. It makes me ashamed to be associated with the college when i see all those fuckwits.


So yea, if your done with your rant mate, back to the point of this thread.