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If you’re a 3D artist, model some more stuff. You’ve models are a bit too generic, so nothing jumps out. Guns, shipping container,a truck chassis.

What are your interests, what do you like modelling? Are you a character artist or environments or props\assets kind of guy? Or ??

Show some range and diversify the models you create.

Are you interested more in the animation side of things? Rigging? Character modeller/ animator

You mention coding skills – cool then maybe technical artist would be your thing. From your portfolio at the mo, I can’t quite get what you want to do. I can gather your down with the whole war/guns thing but other than that…

Having other skills is great (kudos) but if you get employed at a larger company it will most likely want to be as (insert speciality here) 3D artist. Smaller companies of course might need an all rounder…show you can be that guy.

The CoD levels, did you make any of the assets in the screen-shots or did you make the levels? If its the former – point them out or it might be an idea to model some interesting or unique pieces (no cannons\artillery!) and whack them in a level :)

Maybe tone down all the gun\war stuff, personally its a bit off putting but I clearly don’t represent the gaming world.

I look forward to seeing some new shiz!

EDIT: Showing you’re confident with UV mapping/texturing. On the ‘work’ page there is a bunch of untextured assets. I _couldn’t_ hire a 3D artist who doesn’t show me lovely, fully textured models (ideally with the UV’s nicely laid out and some wireframes). Get some shaders on there.

Have you looked an any other 3D artists portfolio work to get a sense of what is out there?