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Thanks for your feedback kyotokid!
Yeah the gun was put in last minute but we will be adding a health bar for the car so when you ram zombies you get damaged so that will make players rely on the gun a bit more.

I will be adding more info into the game about fuel and explain why you die too.

As for dying in the car, we were going for the whole "You didn’t make it and the zombies overran the quarantine zones" playcard (need to make that more clear too) lol

and finally the gate closes if you don’t make it in time (there is a warning at the start of each level stating how long you have until the gate closes), we will be adding more time to each level too as crashing totally slows the game down and if you crash more than twice it is hard to try complete the level. Hope this info helps.

Thanks again for your feedback it is really appreciated! and just remember this is a work in progress and can only get better with your help! :)