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and welcome to the boards!!

Thanks! :)

I quite like SMF, and it’s Server Side Includes (SSI) feature is quite cool.

Still, that would require integrating with, or creating, a CMS for the website part of the site.

Some of the commercial solutions, like IP.Board/Content, provide this "out of the box".

By the way, is that you Les?

Not Les, sorry to disappoint! :p

I agree that it can be a bit tedious coding up the site integration, but I was more than happy to do it with SMF because it was free and the community was amazingly helpful.

The IP.Board with IP.Content may be the best solution if you’re willing to pay the money for it as it would pretty much eliminate any time you would spend integrating SSI and creating hooks. Nice and easy :)

I’m just a bit of a hoor for SMF ;)